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If you are still wondering what you should gift your boyfriend, then Confetti has you covered with unique and super romantic gift hampers online. Let him know that he is an Amazing Boyfriend with this luxurious gift box. It is the complete package of all his favourite things including Cherry Dragees, Incredible boyfriend chocolate, Reasons I Love You messages, a quirky keychain and smart cufflinks. It is one of the best birthday gift hampers for him that will make him smile! We have amazing personalized gifts for boyfriends in every price range. These affordable yet delightful gifts include the You Make My Heart Pop hamper that has some stunning surprises for your boyfriend. His heart will melt into a puddle once he finds this adorable hamper on his doorstep! The best gift for a boyfriend that will make him jump with excitement is the 90s Kid box which includes all the goodies a 90s kid would be nostalgic about. Take a glimpse into his childhood with this thoughtful and absolutely delightful gift! Buy a unique gift for boyfriend that will make the moment memorable. The Men in Black gift box is one of the best gifts for a boyfriend because of its sophisticated collection of goodies inside. Give it to the gentleman in your life and he will love receiving it! Confetti’s collection of special gifts for boyfriends online will give you that special feeling of love all over again! ...


The vibe is making us go crazy with adorable presents and romantic surprises! We bring you some amazing gifts for boyfriends online that will make your day super special. Give your awesome boyfriend a Chocolicious gift box and watch his frown turn upside down! It consists of all things yummy and chocolaty that he will absolutely love. The Party On My Mind box is another way you can put a fun twist to your celebration with your boyfriend. He will love the quirky and romantic presents we have handpicked and put together in this birthday gift hamper for him! We also have some unique Gifts for Him that you can give him on his birthday or any other special occasion. These include a Monsieur gift box for the gentleman in your life. It is a smart and charming gift for a man and will surely make him happy. Explore some other special birthday gifts for boyfriend online in our collection that are thoughtful and heartwarming. These out-of-the-ordinary presents will add a lot of fun to your special day celebration indeed! Have the best day ever with our unique birthday gifts for boyfriend online 


Confetti is an Indian gifting company that believes in the magic of making people happy through unique presents. We strive to make interesting and innovative gifts for the people you love so they can remember their special day for a long time. We make Premium gift hampers filled with premium goodies handpicked by our creative team to make them perfect for you. Our gift hampers are often personalized to suit your loved one’s tastes and interests so they can enjoy it more. Explore our wonderful collection of presents for all occasions like birthdays gift boxes, anniversary gifts, weddings gifts hampers, corporate gifts, curated rakhi gifts, mother's day gifts and more that you can get at affordable prices too. 

At Confetti Gifts, you can also shop for other pre-packed gifts with different items and goodies inside. Explore Ready To Ship for different types of Premium gifts of different themes. There are goodies for people with a sweet tooth, some for people who need self-care and time to unwind, and lots more. Browse through these ready-to-ship gift boxes and select one or a few that is perfect for the person you’re gifting it to.

You can also surprise them with a personalized gift box by creating a box, especially for them in Style Your Own Box. Here is where you get to pick everything that makes up the gift from the style of the box to the gifts that go into the box. Also, add a personal touch to the greetings card and other personalized details. Surprise your loved ones with these customized gift hampers as we deliver it to their doorstep.

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There are various bday gifts for bf which you can get online at Confetti Gifts. The wide range of gifts we have in the gifts for bf category varies from munchies to things he can use for a long time. In this category, you’re going to see more of these munchies and even beverages that he will very likely love. For lifetime gift for boyfriend, see the next category for lifelong gifts that you can get for your boyfriend and will last for a long time.

If you’ve been wondering for a long time what to gift your boyfriend, this category will give you an idea of the gifts you can get for him. If your boyfriend is a chocolate lover, some of the chocolate gift hamper ideas for him available at Confetti Gifts include the Choco Mania and the Chocolicious gift boxes. Each of these gift boxes includes different edible and non-edible items. The All You Need Is Love hamper is one of our personalized gifts for boyfriends that requires you to personalize the metal frame that comes with the box of Ferrero Rocher.

There is also another special gift for lovers in the category that is especially for coffee lovers, fondue lovers, wine connoisseurs, chai lovers, and other affordable gifts for boyfriends online which will be discussed below.


Now in the category of lifetime gift for boyfriends. There are numerous gifts in this category available for you to choose from at Confetti Gifts. These contain items for boyfriends who love travelling, games or personal touch in the gift hamper ideas for boyfriend.

So, here’s what to gift your boyfriend on his birthday next time! Get items like our Wooden Mobile Sound Amplifier that comes with a Spotify plaque. It is something he can use for a long time and this is a special gift for bfs many people will never pass up on.

Another special gift for boyfriend on his birthday includes the Personalized Location Plaque that pinpoints the location where your heart resides, a place where he calls home. The Glimpse Of Us is another one of the many unique birthday gifts for him in India. It contains a series of pictures on a wooden base and a printed message. You can personalize this with pictures of you and your boyfriend with your names on the wooden base. This is one of the many lifelong low price gifts for boyfriend that is super special.For birthday gifts for boyfriend under 999, see the next category!


In this category of the best birthday gift for boyfriend under 999, you can find many items and there is one or a few you’re bound to love to give to your boyfriend on his birthday. Bday gift for bf in this category includes items like our Date Frame which is a personalized gift that holds both of your names and the day you met or the day you got hitched.

Other personalized gifts to give boyfriend in this category include the Personalized Location Frame, Personalized Location Mug, and the gorgeous You Mean The World To Me Reveal Wheel that includes your 6 messages that are revealed to your boyfriend as he spins the wheel.

The last birthday gifts for boyfriend under 999 are PLAY OUT OR BLACK OUT

which you get to use with your partner. These tokens allow you and your partner to do something the token says on behalf of your partner. It is fun and will create lots of laughter as you create these memories together.

Get your gift for boyfriend under 999 at Confetti Gifts.


For more ideas of birthday gift hampers for him on his birthday, the 1000 to 2000 gifts category gives you a wider range of gifts to get for your boyfriend on his birthday. The range of gifts in this category includes more items of things he can use as well as things he can munch on.

One of the gifts for bf in this category is the Monsieur gift box that is perfect for the businessman. It is simple and sleek and includes gifts like a Black Cotton Tie, Gourmet Chocolate Popcorn, a Chocolate bar, and more. Another gift in this category is the Netflix and Chill hamper which is perfect for a romantic and relaxing day with him as the guest of honour. The special gifts for bf in this hamper include a comfy pair of socks, a pack of Premium Popcorn Kernels among other flavours, and more.

Get these unique gifts for boyfriends at Confetti Gifts now. Also, explore Confetti Gifts for more amazing gifts for your boyfriend’s birthday in the 1000 to 2000 collection.


1. What to gift my boyfriend?

A: There are different categories of amazing gifts for boyfriend you can get for your boyfriend here at Confetti Gifts. Get personalized gifts, hampers/boxes of his favourite munchies and beverages, as well as gifts under 999, above 1000, and more. These gifts are unique and would make him feel positively special. 2. From where I can deliver a birthday gift for boyfriend online?

A: There are different places online and in stores where you can get gifts for your boyfriend. But Confetti Gifts allows you to shop online from anywhere and have it delivered to your boyfriend’s doorstep as a surprise gift. These gifts can include our already pre-packed gifts of different categories or you can even style your own box with gifts you know he likes. Shop for romantic gifts, useful gifts, munchies, personalized gifts, premium gifts and more at Confetti Gifts. 3. Suggest some affordable gifts for boyfriend?

A: Some affordable gifts include the gifts in our birthday gifts for boyfriends under 500 category. There are a few items we are certain you will love like the Love Tokens, a Date frame, and other personalized items. For more gift ideas, explore Confetti Gifts for more categories and price ranges to shop from. 4. Suggest some special gift for bf.

A: Some of our special lover birthday gifts for boyfriends include the Open When gift which contains 7 different gifts for your boyfriend to open whenever you or he chooses. For conscious boyfriends, you can get the My Man hamper. This hamper contains gifts like  Davidoff  Rich Aroma Instant Coffee, Chocolate Bar, Black Charcoal Soap, Zara Men Perfume, premium gifts and more that your boyfriend would definitely love. 5. Which gift is best for boyfriend?

A: If your boyfriend is a chai, coffee, or chocolate lover, Confetti Gifts has different birthday gift hampers for Boyfriend. There is the Chai Lover hamper, Chocolicious and Coffee Addict hamper as well. There are other fun games and lifelong gifts available for you to choose from as well. The 90s Kid Hamper is especially a hit among boyfriends born in the 90s because it contains games and snacks that would make them feel nostalgic. 6. What are some unique gift ideas for a boyfriend who loves adventure?

A: Some unique gift for boyfriends who love adventure includes our Love Token which we are certain he would love. The other item he would love would be the DIY Cocktail hamper that includes all the items you need to make a cocktail. This would be a very experimental and adventurous special gift for lover. The Sleepy Head hamper is also another great gift that includes everything your sleep-loving boyfriend would certainly love. 7. What are some romantic gift ideas for a boyfriend who loves sentimental gestures?

A: Confetti Gift has a wide range of romantic gift ideas and some of them are Art Date Crate and the Munch Crunch hampers. These items are something you can enjoy while you indulge in other activities like painting, crafting, watching movies, snacking and talking, etc. If your boyfriend loves wine, then the On Cloud Wine hamper is a great choice for him. It contains a bottle of Jacob's Creek Non-Alcoholic Wine and eight different varieties of treats to enjoy with the wine. 8. What are some eco-friendly gift ideas for a boyfriend who values sustainability?

A: Our eco-friendly hamper is made of all eco-friendly materials from the box to the packet of goodies that are inside. These goodies include dry fruits of different kinds, Green Potpourri, and many more. They are tasty and would be a great way to celebrate your boyfriend’s birthday as well as care for the planet Earth. 9. What are some fashion-related gift ideas for a boyfriend who loves to dress stylishly?

A: The Lights Camera Drama and the Amigo hampers are some of the gifts you can get for your fashion-loving boyfriend. These hampers include fun items as well as fashionable items that your boyfriend would love. They also contain snacks, and tasty munchies, that we know every male would love to have a nibble of. Explore Confetti gifts for more options of gift hamper ideas for him pre-packed or styled on your own. 10. What are some gift ideas for a boyfriend who has everything?

A: The best birthday gift hampers for him for someone who has everything is something simple and easy that creates lifelong memories. Our Karaoke Night and the Netflix & Chill hampers are some of the gifts you can get for him to enjoy with him and create more memories with him.