Mother's Day Gifts


The holiday we celebrate on the second Sunday in May is an American institution. Mother's Day originated in the United States, where it was first celebrated on May 10 in 1908. While the holiday did not become an official national holiday until 1972, the first official Mother's Day proclamation was issued in 1914 by President Woodrow Wilson. The holiday was first celebrated in the United States on Sunday, May 8, 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a ceremony in her home in Grafton, West Virginia.

Mother's Day is an important day in which we celebrate our mothers and the impact they have had on our lives. It is celebrated on the second Sunday in May in most countries and has a long history. It began as a way to honour mothers and the sacrifices they made for their children. It is now a day on which we appreciate all that our mothers do for us, and it has become a holiday on which we also celebrate the role of mothers in our lives.

Among all the relationships on this Earth, one stands out above all others. Feeling confused? There is no need to scratch your head too much because that extraordinary relationship is none other than that of the mother, which is pure gold in the sense of her unending love, devotion, and devotion towards the presence of all mothers around the globe. Mother's Day is celebrated across more than 46 countries of the world. Women, especially mothers, are undervalued in our male-dominated society therefore this is an important day for them. ...


On the second Sunday in May, we celebrate Mother’s Day around the world. In some countries, such as the United States, Mother’s Day is a public holiday. It is not a public holiday in other countries, such as the United Kingdom. Most countries observe some form of Mother’s Day, which is a day to honour mothers.


  1. A Mother's Day tradition is wearing a carnation. A coloured carnation signifies that a person's mother is living while a white carnation is used to honour a deceased mother.
  2. Mother’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year for eating out.
  3. Carnations are the flowers typically associated with Mother’s Day.
  4. In the UK, around thirty million cards are sent on Mother’s Day.
  5. Traditionally, the food most associated with Mothering Sunday is Simnel Cake.
  6. Mother’s Day is celebrated in 46 countries around the world.
  7. The most popular Mother's Day gift is a card.
  8. More phone calls are made on Mother's Day than on any other day of the year.
  9. One-fourth of the year's floral purchases are made around Mother's Day.
  10. France used to award medals to mothers of large families.


It's a time to show appreciation for all the mothers in your life and to give gifts to the women who are important to you. It's a day to show the women in your life how much they mean to you. Are you finding it difficult to find the perfect Mother’s Day gifts? Don’t worry, Confetti Gifts has got you covered. We are your one-stop destination to buy Mother’s Day gifts online. This year, celebrate Mother’s Day a little differently with these unique Mother’s Day gift Hampers.

  1. Personalized exploding box: Looking for great gifts for parents? This special idea is just perfect for them. Getting your mom a memorable gift is a special way to honour her as your best and eternal friend. A gorgeous heart-shaped pendant on a delicate chain punctuates the centre of an exploding box. The heart-shaped box houses precious memories and cherished messages.
  2. Mother's Day special chocolate box: Who doesn’t love chocolate? A box filled with delicious chocolates in different shapes, sizes, and flavours is another perfect gift for your mother. This chocolate box is also a great “Mother’s Day hamper” idea for gifts under 999.
  3. Personalized photo frame: On Mother's Day, share your most beautiful memory of your mom with the world. Make your photo frame look smart by choosing a wood frame and adding your favourite photo. This photo frame is a Mother’s Day special gift that will definitely make a unique mothers Day gift.
  4. Pink Affari box: Another gift that is here to melt your mothers heart. This best Mother's Day” gift is all set to take away all worries of your mother and provide the care and love that she deserves with its unique items. Make it a more personalized gift by adding a special note for your mother this Mother’s Day.
  5. Golden truffle box: Every mother loves gold. Well, you might not be able to gift her actual gold on Mother’s Day but our golden truffle box is no less! Packed with golden aesthetics in a beautiful confetti reusable box this is just one of the best “hampers for Mother’s Day” ways” to make your mother feel special.
  6. Natura self-care gift box: Make sure your supermom takes good care of herself with a set of natural, olive-based foot salts and face care products. The set contains a wash, mist, and moisturizer. Pack all the products together in a stylish gift box with a loving and heartwarming greeting card. You can also personalize the card with an image. This is an excellent unique mothers Day gift idea for a Mother's Day hamper and will definitely make her day.
  7. A homemade mothers Day card: This care should be a genuine, heartfelt display of gratitude and appreciation. Think about why you love, respect, and appreciate your mother and what you hope she knows on this special day. This idea is also ideal for mom to be gifts. Simply put down your thoughts and speak through your heart. This will make a special gift for mothers, especially on Mother’s Day.

  1. Hey, momma hamper: An ideal Mother’s Day gift hamper that a child can give to their mom. This box is everything that your mother needs to feel special. It contains a special tea, body shop shower gel, nail paints, a keychain, and a mom's greeting card.
  2. Lavish lavender: If you are planning a self-care day for your mother this Mother’s Day then you have just landed on the perfect gift. This lavish lavender box is completely packed with amazing self-care goodies. Our mothers work 24x7, so it is important to give their bodies rest and proper nourishment. This Mother’s Day gift hamper is your way to do so.

Discover the Perfect Mother's Day Gifts Hamper For Every Type Of Mom

There are different types of mothers out there. There are stay-at-home moms that dedicate their lives to raising their kids and simply being there for the family. There are the working moms that juggle family and work. There are soon-to-be mothers and so many other types of moms. Every type of mother deserves Mother’s Day special gifts which you get in different categories. We’ve put together different  Mother's Day gift hampers options for every type of mother for you to choose from below.

Housewife Mother

A full-time housewife is a wife and mother that dedicates her time to caring for her family and raising her kid(s). These mothers give up a lot just to be there for their families. They are selfless, loving, and absolutely incredible. You can get online Mother’s Day gifts like this Hey Momma hamper with all the best things she can use or consume. It contains tea, shower gel, and lots more. There are more amazing mom gifts like this available for you to gift to your mom this Mother’s Day.

Professional Mother

Being a mother 24/7 and a working woman for 7 to 8 hours 5/6 days a week can be tasking. Yet, a lot of women can pull this off and then more. That is truly a superwoman move and we cannot help but admire hard-working mothers that do their best to pitch into the growth of the family as well as raise a child. These types of mothers also deserve the best moms/mother’s Day gift hamper like the Pink Affair Box that contains everything your mom needs to relax and not worry about anything for at least a day. This is one of the many Mother’s Day gifts online that we are certain she would love.

Chai Lover Mom 

If your mother is a chai lover, then we highly recommend getting her this chai lover Mother’s Day gift hamper. It is everything a chai lover would absolutely love and we cannot keep it from your tea lover's mom because she deserves this and so much more. Get her day started with a cup of chai in the kulhad that comes in this Mother’s Day hamper along with different tea choices. She is bound to fall in love with chai all over again because of this hamper which is one of the perfect Online Gifts for Mother’s Day.

Self-pampering mom

This Mother’s Day gift Hamper is perfect for mothers who love to have some time to themselves daily for self-care. But it’s also a great gift to give your mom if she’s been looking to get more into self-care. This lavender bay box is a special gift for mothers to help them prioritise their self-care. It is important to have a few moments daily to unwind and connect your mind, body, and soul. It gives your mother something to look forward to daily after a hard day.

Mother to be

For the mother-to-be, you can get this baby mama hamper for a Mother’s Day present which is perfect to get her journey as a mother started with the “Letters to my Baby booklet” that comes with this hamper. There are other special items in this hamper that we are certain she would absolutely love.

Get more unique gifts online at Confetti Gifts. You can also head on to the “Style your own box” section to style and get your own personalized gifts in one box. You get to choose everything from the box to the gifts and card that goes into this box. It is all your choice.


There are different things you can do to celebrate Mother’s Day and make your mom’s day pretty special without having to spend a dime. Here are a few ways how to make Mother's Day special without money.

  1. Throw a surprise party by calling over all with invite all her friends, family and dear ones for a meal. Make or order her favourite dishes and cocktails. Have some fun together that your mother always wanted to do but couldn’t.
  2. Pamper her by giving her a day packed with self care activities like indulging in a self care routine with skin care products you have. A mother's job is never ending, however, once in a while, everyone deserves a small break that is good for their mental and physical health. Surprise her by giving her much-needed relaxation with services such as a hair spa, facial, pedicure, manicure, relaxing massage, etc. Will give her a much-needed break and also make her feel relaxed and special.
  3. Give her freshly picked flowers as soon as she wakes up. Start the day on a cute and fresh note. Flowers are always the go-to option to brighten up people’s moods and spread aroma and positivity. A small bouquet of flowers and a handmade card is the most perfect way to wish your mother a happy Mother’s Day. Add these items on a tray with a tray of breakfast in bed.
  4. Help her with her pending work. Even though we all think that Mother's Day gives our mom a day off, there are some daily chores that she has to do. We can’t skip on them but we can always make it easier, quicker and simpler for her. Give her a helping hand not only on mothers day but every day. You can do things like chopping vegetables, cleaning the mixer, bringing groceries, organising things, etc.
  5. Watching a movie together is another great way to make Mother’s Day special for your mom. Make a relay of your and your mother's favourite movies and binge-watch it the entire day. Pair it up with a comfortable atmosphere, your mother's favourite snacks and drinks to make it more enjoyable.


While we get too excited to make this day special for our mom, we tend to forget what to avoid on this memorable day. Celebrating Mother’s Day is a lovely gesture, however, you need to take care of a few things to maintain its loveliness. A few common mistakes to avoid while selecting a gift are:

  1. Don’t experiment
  2. Don’t over-plan
  3. Remember your mother's choices
  4. Provide a useless gift, mothers are always considerate about money!
  5. Don’t re-gift to your mom!
  6. Don’t give a gift that won't last for long
  7. If you are planning an experience, make sure it isn’t too tiring
  8. Don’t give a one-time gift
  9. Choose her favourite coloured and styled product
  10. Don’t pick a very expensive gift


If you are making a handmade card or adding a personalized note to your gifts, you can always include some of these amazing quotes on Mother’s Day in it:

  1. “A mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend.” — Unknown
  2. “When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.” —Charley Benetto
  3. “Youth fades; love droops; the leaves of friendship fall; A mother’s secret hope outlives them all.” —Oliver Wendell Holmes
  4. “Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face.” —George Eliot
  5. “A mother’s hug lasts long after she lets go.” —Unknown
  6. “A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.” —Cardinal Mermillod
  7. “Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.” —Unknown
  8. “Motherhood: All love begins and ends there. ” —Robert Browning
  9. “Motherhood is the biggest gamble in the world. It is the glorious life force. It’s huge and scary – it’s an act of infinite optimism.” —Gilda Radner

10.“There is no velvet so soft as a mother’s lap, no rose as lovely as her smile, no path so flowery as that imprinted with her footsteps.” —Archibald Thompson

FAQs On Mother’s Day 

Q. How can I choose the perfect gift for my mom?

A: The perfect gift is always a surprise of something she’s wanted for a while but hasn’t gotten around to getting for herself. Ensure to avoid mistakes that would make her aware that you’re planning on getting or doing something for her. Be sure not to give the surprise away by asking her what she wants.

Q. Do you offer gift wrapping and personalized messages?

A: Confetti Gifts offer a wide range of gifts and services to make gifting each other an easy, fun, and enjoyable experience. All you have to do is sit back and select what you would like to gift a person and Confetti Gifts will take care of the rest.

Q. What Are the Best Mother's Day Gifts?

A: There are so many options for the best Mother’s Day gifts online that you can get for your mum. But confetti offers you different options based on things your mother loves. Check our various hampers, boxes, and gifts to get your mom all mentioned above. You can also choose to personalize the gift you want for her here at Confetti Gifts.

Q. What is the timeline for the delivery of personalized Mother’s Day gift hampers?

A: The timeline for delivery varies and is dependent on the address/location of where you would like to have the gift delivered. But it typically takes around 2-12 working days to ship within India. For more information, see shipping information.

Q. Can I send Mother's Day gifts outside India?

A: Yes, you can. International delivery and shipping usually take 10-12 working days. But you may get in contact with us for more information by calling us at +91-9783427955 or sending us an email at

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