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5 Shows that are Undiscovered Gems

5 Shows that are Undiscovered Gems

1. TVF Pitchers

Source: TVF Play

After quitting their jobs, four friends decide to launch their own start-up. Through the course of 5 episodes, we get to know the characters as they figure their way through life and its challenges. What makes the show special is its relatability, making it gain a massive following ever since its release. However, it still remains a hidden gem amongst the audience.

2. Derry Girls

Source: Netflix

This Netflix show follows the life of four Irish girls from Derry, along with their odd English friend. Always up to some trouble, the Derry girls are a peculiar lot who get themselves into the biggest mess. Every character on the show will make you laugh, sometimes just at their sheer eccentricity. For all comedy lovers, this show is a must watch.

3. After Life

Source: Netflix

A series that explores losing a loved one to death in the most heartwarming yet profound way, After life is created by and stars Ricky Gervaise. It constantly oscillates between being gut-wrenchingly sad and incredibly funny. After Tony's wife dies of cancer, he develops a loathing for the world and everyone in it, making it his superpower to do what he wants without a single care. But at heart, Tony is a good guy, just going through a terrible, trying time.

4. Please Like Me

Source: Time

Please Like Me, created by and starring Josh Thomas, is a comedy-drama. Josh, just out of college, barely knows how to navigate adulthood. As everything in his life goes array, he finds solace in his friends, but only through his own awkward and self-centered way. Through the show's light-hearted humour, it addresses some big topics, including depression and suicide. It will make you laugh and cry, sometimes both at once.

5. The OA

Source: ENews

A young bling girl called Prairie went missing seven years ago. Now, out of the blue, she comes back, her eyesight restored and calling herself the OA (Original Angel). This mystery drama revolves around her mission, as five people help her along the way. With themes of sci-fi and thrill blended into one unique storyline, the OA needs to be given more credit.


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